What does partnership mean? If a person interested in being part of the world of Meetback showing off your products or your work you are in the right place! This page aims to clarify what possibilities are present for all those who want to have their own business through MeetBack. Below are all the options available so that you can understand and choose possibly the option that is most useful and convenient for you. Remember that you can also choose all the options, below you simply find a clarification on what they mean, nothing forbids you to choose more than one!


Through MeetShop you can sell your products inside our platform that also has the Android app. Each product has the description, price, photos and any payment for the purchase will be made on the seller’s website.


If you are a writer and want to make your creations known with MeetBook you will have the opportunity to make it known all over the world. You are free to decide whether to charge for the book you wrote or make it free and accessible to everyone!


If you’re interested in attending a trade show and selling your MeetExhibit products, it’s for you! Set up your stand by choosing the station you prefer and show off your products!


Are you an artist and want to let everyone know about your works? MeetArt has the chance to do it! Create your own art gallery by entering all your works as you like, including in addition to the image of the work also the description (if there were) and the title!


If you have a business already started and you are interested in promoting it then MeetTourism is the thing for you! Simply send us data such as name, description, website, photos and videos if you want, and everyone will know you


If you are interested in the “game” part but want to start with a little advertising at the same time the best choice is definitely the banner one. By giving us the image of the advertisement or even just the logo of your company, we will insert this type of banner in the signs that are located in the various cities. If you prefer to advertise yourself always through banners but at fairs, you can do it without problems instead of placing your advertising in the city in the form of signs we will put it in the fairs through billboards!


With your “shop” you can create your own store within the 3D city! You can decide whether to create only the outside (with showcases to show your products) or you can instead have your own 3D store where you can decide how to furnish it and where to place the products, you have full freedom!


With MeetArchitect you will have the opportunity to visit villas and houses within the cities but above all you can create your own home and of course choose the furniture you prefer! You can of course decide the type of dwelling and also the décor, room by room.
We would like to point out that in case you decide to sell your products or works inside MeetBack and there is someone interested in buying your products, the payment and transaction is not our responsibility, in order to ensure maximum security. We simply provide any space that you can use. If you have any concerns or clarifications, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions.

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